Penis Enlargement Bible Review

Hi, James here! If you’re reading this Penis Enlargement Bible Review, it means that you must be going through a dilemma that I’ve gone through in the past. I’ve had low self-esteem, dissatisfactory relationships, and even a little bit of introversion, caused by one small thing: my penis. My SMALL penis.

But that was in the past. With this book from John Collins, I’ve had 3½ inches added to my penis in less than 60 days from when I started, using the techniques specified, and I just can’t complain.

There are a lot of guides and forums online dedicated to answering questions on how to make your penis bigger, but most of them are pure hype and have no substance, coming from self-proclaimed “experts” and their marketing teams. They might tell you to do a lot of complicated techniques or sell you magic pills that will supposedly make your dong bigger and more powerful.

The fact that you’re reading this Penis Enlargement Bible Review shows that you may have tried some of them, but to no effect.

I’m sure that you already want to learn the ways to improve your sex life, but first let me share a bit of my story with you.

So What’s My Story?

I was one of the tallest guys in my class back in college as a sophomore, and, paired with my average looks and a lot of wits, I felt confident that I would be able to ask out most of the girls I knew there. I tried testing my charm on this one girl from my art class who wore glasses and was really cute. I talked to her and to my amazement we hit it off! We dated two weeks later, and on our 2nd month together, she invited me back to her room.

We started making out and I got really hard early. She took off my jeans and immediately… disappointment was written all over her face.

i thought your dick would be bigger

“I thought your dick would be bigger, because of your height?” Were her exact words. I didn’t even have a reply. She didn’t say it was small per se, but she said it wasn’t big enough.

She touched my penis and stroked it a little bit, but by now I can feel my erection slowly going away, along with my self-esteem. Just a few minutes later, I was already on my way home.

This incident gave me a really hard time and I kept playing it over and over in my head. It’s not the emotional connection that got me, but my self-esteem was blown to bits by her statement. After that, I was single for a long time before I met my current girlfriend.

Of course, before I got into my current relationship, I made sure that I wouldn’t get the same reaction that I got the first time around. I researched online for dietary supplements. I followed guides, joined forums. I even confided in my best friend and asked him about it, and though he was very motivational (telling me that maybe the problem is with the girl), I still looked for a solution earnestly but found all of them unhelpful and an utter waste of time.

That’s until I stumbled across the book by John Collins that is the subject of this Penis Enlargement Bible Review.

Penis Enlargement Bible Review


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Now that you understand my motivation, I’ll start sharing with you the only book that got me the results I was looking for, and the one that will also show YOU the ways on how to grow your penis.

They say that the average length of male genitals is 6 inches, and I was actually surprised to find that I was below that average (by just a few centimeters, mind you). On my search, I found this 94-page ebook that offered natural penis enlargement techniques and I’m glad I gave in to my curiosity and tried it out.

It promised great gains in just a short amount of time, and while at first I was the typically doubtful and unsure, I researched about it more before I was finally convinced and made my purchase.

The great thing about it is that you don’t need other extra equipment to make your penis bigger, as the two-step method included in the book will only require you to use your hands, plus a few dietary supplements to speed up the process. Let my Penis Enlargement Bible Review enlighten you.

Of course, I won’t be able to tell you too much, as this course is protected by copyright, but I’ll try to add in as much detail about the size-enhancing techniques that you will find in the book.

There are actually two main ways that this book will give you the necessary information on how to enlarge your penis: through mechanical and through biochemical means.

Mechanical is where you will use manual exercising, although you don’t have to worry as this requires only moderate effort. The other would be biochemical, with substances to re-stimulate hormones in your body that are responsible for penile growth. This is actually the more important factor of the two.

If you’re ready to see more length and girth added to your penis in as little as 2 weeks, just read on and find out why this book is also for you. I improved by almost 3+ inches in less than 2 months after I got my copy.

With 94 pages of information organized in 7 chapters, this book will tell you not only the secrets on how to get long-lasting inches added to your member.

It will also teach you techniques for the following:

How To Keep A Steady Erection

There are studies that 76% of men have issues with their genitals and as high as that number are actually experiencing some form of erectile dysfunction. There is a wide range of manifestations for this embarrassing condition of men, and although you may be able to get erect, you may not be maxing out your potential erection.

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with being able to please your partner, something that may even rival the feeling of ejaculating yourself. But if you shoot your swimmers too early, she may feel unsatisfied. There are actually some things that unexpectedly affect your ability to hold off the urges to explode that are included in this electronic book. You should be able to provide her sexual needs, and the John Collins book featured in this Penis Enlargement Bible Review will show you exactly how.

How To Increased Sperm Volume and Discharge Distance

This may not be an issue for some of you, but ejaculating so little is a genuine cause for concern for males. It is said that you should be able to release at least three tablespoons of sperm each session. It will also teach you the ways on how to release your load further, which is helpful if you are looking to have a child with your current partner and could also give the both of you an extremely erotic scene. I’m sure that you already know what I’m talking about.

natural penis enlargement

What’s more, you will also be given tips on how to improve your performance in bed, so its pretty much the complete package!

You should understand that there may be a medical reason as to why you aren’t achieving your ideal size. Before you grow your penis, you should also be interested in some of the information that support the techniques taught in this book. But  don’t worry you don’t have to go and research further for this, as John Collins wrote about everything you needed to know!

I never would have guessed that I’ve had erectile problems until I found out about this book. My “kegel” muscles (a part of the reproductive system for both male and females), was actually not pumping the optimal amount of blood to the blood vessels on my penis, resulting in a less than stellar erection and thus making it seem smaller than it should be.

Let this Penis Enlargement Bible Review be your guide to the book that will show you just how to improve these particular muscles.

They may not be easy, but you can surely do it if you follow this bible for men.

There is also a special substance that will aid in keeping your penis in prime, without reverting back to its old size which is what normally happens if you follow some generic guide from the internet or forums.

I cannot go into detail about the specific substance in this Penis Enlargement Bible Review as I do not want to get into trouble, but this information is very significant if you want permanent gains for your penis. It may sound a little too technical at first, but you should take time to understand it as it will all be worth it for you—and your partner, of course.

Penis Enlargement Herbs

This ebook will disclose all of the 28 Chinese herbs that you need to speed up the process of penis enlargement. They say that “easy come, easy go”, but with this secret formula, the gains that you just paid money and time for won’t be going away so soon. In fact, the length and girth that you will acquire by following the steps laid out by John Collins will stay with you permanently, because who wants to have a bigger dick for just a month?

In addition to these Chinese herbs, there are also 7 additional supplements that are available here in the west, and the analysis for each of these are included in this book. Sadly, I cannot write about them in this Penis Enlargement Bible Review.

John Collins’ bible will also educate you about properly warming up exercises to ease you into the program. Sure, you may be excited to make your penis bigger, but skipping something can give you different results than what you would have wanted. There are certain nutrients and techniques that you should follow on how you should initiate yourself into this 2 step method, and the book will say it all.

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Did I mention that before I was also dealing with a slight penis curvature? My penis was bending slightly upward, making it appear even smaller than it should have. I researched around and found that there are actually a considerable number of men that deal with the same problem. And though I could’ve probably told some girls a fruit related joke about the way my penis looks, I decided to follow step-by-step what what is said in the book. By now you should realise how much this book has helped me, because otherwise I wouldn’t want to be sharing with you the amazing things covered in this Penis Enlargement Bible Review.

I’m a 100% sure that you came upon (pun not intended) this review because you wanted to know effective ways on how to grow your penis. John Collins is just so damn sure that his methods are so effective that he included ways on how to stop the growth after you have achieved your desired size. It’s his way of saying that bigger is better for some women but if you’re too big for your woman, she may be uncomfortable during your affair in the bedroom, which is in itself another dilemma and one I agree with as it is possible to go to far. Sure enough, I discussed it with my current girlfriend and asked her what size she was comfortable with and was just relieved that with this method I was able to stay within the exact amount of growth she was happy with, and most importantly I was happy with!


I was actually amazed with the growth that I had while following the techniques and recommendations that John Collins put in his book that it inspired me to want to share my experiences with others and write this Penis Enlargement Bible Review. As for me I certainly didn’t just buy any old method like I had before, I did the research and came across this amazing book.

The Penis Enlargement Bible

With 3½ inches in less than two months, and additional girth, too – that’s a pretty big achievement! And I don’t think a lot of other guides or formulas out there have followers that can boast that same amount of improvement for their penises. 94 pages is not a short read, by any chance, but if we’re talking about penis size, we want anything but short. It greatly helped me pick up after the devastating blow to my ego from my first relationship, but sure enough, I’m in a whole better place now and can wake up happy ever morning knowing the night before I pleased my partner and I’m happy to see her satisfied.


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Hi I'm James, I've been into health and fitness for years but recently overcame one of the biggest struggles of my teen and adult life. To cut to the chase it was my penis size which has plagued my happiness for years but after much trial and error with different pills and potions I finally hit on something that works and want to share my experiences with you.

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