How To Make Your Dick Bigger

Are you one of the countless guys in the world wanting to know how to make your dick bigger? Then stop searching you’re in the right place if you want to learn how to make your dick bigger without pills or other countless potions that ultimately will leave you disappointed at the lack of results.

For every guy your penis is not just some feature on your body you can forget about, it can play a big part in your self-confidence and willingness to actually go out and seek a sexual partner. These days with adult content becoming more mainstream the need to grow your dick is becoming greater with more and more women seeking men with a larger penis over those who are found lacking.

It’s plain and simple that learning how to make your dick bigger naturally will work wonders for your self-confidence and ability to know you are pleasing your partner without any worry or self-doubt. Enhancing self-confidence in yourself and your body is one of the most important things we can do in our life as we can wake up every day with a smile on our face with no worry and ready for what the day will bring!

Does Size Matter?

How to Make Your Dick Bigger

It’s an age old question that has been asked for years with only one real answer which is – Yes, Size Does Matter. Which makes the ability to learn how to make your dick bigger ever more important.

It has been proven in many study’s that men who have a larger penis are able to frequently cause their partner to climax more easily, and with more intensity which is a large drive behind the desire of many women to seek a male partner with a larger penis over those without.

Many guys have high levels of anxiety about their penis size because of these facts, and with more and more women choosing a partner for their sexual prowess over other traits such as intelligence or personality it’s easy to see why.

So exactly how to make my dick bigger? What are the common methods going around? And most importantly do they work? –  Keep on reading I’ve got you covered!

Ways To Make Your Dick Bigger


Penis Enlargement Surgery 

Penis Enlargement SurgeryProbably one of the highest risk approaches to grow your penis you can opt for. The high risk is mainly due to you having to go under the knife whilst in most cases being heavily sedated which is a risk in itself.

The procedure involves areas of fat being taken from parts of your body and injected back into your penis to enlarge penis size and cause a thickening of the chosen area.  Incisions and cutting are also made to allow the free movement of the ligament inside your pubic bone to expose more available length.

If this is something you are considering it’s very wise to be thorough when choosing the right doctor and clinic for you and ensuring that penis enlargement surgery really is the right option as not only is there a high level of risk the cost itself can put you out of pocket with no guarantees that your penis will retain its size with many men who have undergone surgery claiming they have had frequent trips back to the doctor due to the increased size reducing back to the level it was before.


Penis Enlargement Pills

Something I’ve tried myself numerous times but with no real results in helping me make my dick bigger.

There are literally thousands of Penis Enlargement Pills on the market making wild claims and promises to help you grow your dick with all kinds of miracle methods or ingredients which can ultimately leave you wondering why you purchased them in the first place and ultimately leave you feeling nauseous and unwell with the vast amount of side effects.


Penis Pumps (Do They Work?)

Using these Pumps is something I’ve not actually tried due to there being some risks involved such as possible harm to blood vessels in your penis due to the high levels of pressure involved.

I have however had friends share their experiences with me about using pumps with the main feedback being that they do work for a short period in helping you to make your dick bigger but will quickly see the user having a reduced size back to the normal levels and even in some instances make it difficult to sustain an erection which can defeat the purpose of using the product.


Natural Penis Enlargement


Diet (Keeping Healthy)

Penis Enlargement DietWhat you eat can of course not only improve your overall health, but can actually help to increase blood circulation to areas of your body such as the penis which will aid healing and penis growth not to mention a longer lasting erection. This ability when combined with a working strategy to grow your dick can be the key in helping to make your dick bigger naturally.


Sex Life (Will this help with Growth?)

Having an active sex life is commonly believed by most experts to aid penis enlargement which may leave some of you sitting there wondering how will that actually make my dick bigger but with repeated stimulation to the area and use of core penis muscles it’s been proven to lead to growth as well as burning away any small fat deposits which may be restricting penis growth and blood flow. As far as sexual positions go there is no real winner. The key is to just keep stimulated!


Penis Enlargement Exercises

This has to be one of the most proven ways in which to make your dick bigger naturally with none of the side effects which are associated with pills or surgery that can put a lot of guys off.

The great thing about these Penis exercises is that they are easy to do and you will actually see results especially if combined with your normal exercise routines and keeping a healthy diet. The key is keeping to the routine and keeping consistent to see the results. There are many techniques such as gripping, jelqing and hot towel stretches but there is only ONE method that worked for me.


So what actually worked for me?

So after years of searching and trying various methods to make my dick bigger I finally stumbled across a hidden gem while searching online and I’ve never looked back since after seeing substantial penis growth of over 3+ inches which is simply unheard of especially for something that comes with a  guarantee.

So what’s it called?

The Penis Enlargement Bible

It’s a Guaranteed two-step method that you’ve just got to see in action as the results are truly impressive!

With over 5,000 men following it along every month and using the guide to see great penis growth results with some guys seeing over 4 inches growth in only few months it’s easy to see why it’s fast becoming a go to guide and only real way to make your dick bigger naturally without pills or expensive surgery.

For more information you can take a look at my own personal Penis Enlargement Bible Review or take a look at some more peoples experiences using the growth methods Here!




Hi I'm James, I've been into health and fitness for years but recently overcame one of the biggest struggles of my teen and adult life. To cut to the chase it was my penis size which has plagued my happiness for years but after much trial and error with different pills and potions I finally hit on something that works and want to share my experiences with you.

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